Imagine having a skincare product that not only hydrates your skin but also leaves it looking radiant and plumped. Look no further than “The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml”. This lightweight serum is packed with ultra-pure, vegan hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to provide powerful hydration and enhance surface moisture. Its innovative formula, containing low, medium, and high molecular weight HA, ensures that your skin is thoroughly moisturized and rejuvenated. Incorporate it into your skincare routine before your moisturizer to achieve that super-hydrated and plumped appearance you’ve always wanted.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml

Discover more about the The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml.

Why Consider This Product?

You’re probably wondering why you should consider The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum for your skincare routine. Well, let me tell you, this serum has some amazing benefits that make it worth your attention.

One of the key reasons to consider this product is its powerful hydration support formula. The ultra-pure, vegan hyaluronic acid in this serum works wonders for your skin. Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to attract and retain moisture, making it an essential ingredient for hydration. Plus, the addition of vitamin B5 in this serum enhances surface moisture, leaving your skin plump and supple.

Scientific research has shown that hyaluronic acid can significantly improve skin hydration and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. By incorporating this serum into your skincare routine, you can give your skin the hydration it needs and achieve a youthful, dewy complexion.

But don’t just take my word for it. This serum has received rave reviews from customers who have witnessed the transformative effects it has on their skin. With its lightweight formula and powerful hydration properties, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum is definitely a product worth considering.

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Features and Benefits

Lightweight and Hydrating

The lightweight nature of this serum makes it a joy to use. Its non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into the skin, providing an instant hydration boost. Say goodbye to heavy, sticky serums that weigh your skin down. This serum is designed to give your skin a refreshing and lightweight feel.

Multi-Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

The innovative formula of The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum features low, medium, and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This means that it can target hydration at different levels of your skin, ensuring optimal moisture retention throughout.

Enhances Surface Moisture

Not only does this serum provide deep hydration, but it also works wonders on the surface of your skin. By enhancing surface moisture, it creates a plumped and youthful appearance. No more dull, lackluster skin. With this serum, your complexion will be glowing.

Perfect Pre-Moisturizer

For the best results, use this serum before applying your moisturizer. Its super-hydrating properties create a perfect base for your moisturizer to lock in the moisture and provide long-lasting hydration. Your skin will thank you for this extra boost of hydration.

Learn more about the The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml here.

Product Quality

When it comes to skincare, quality is of utmost importance. The Ordinary is a brand known for its commitment to high-quality and effective products. Their hyaluronic acid serum is no exception.

This serum contains ultra-pure, vegan hyaluronic acid, making it safe and suitable for all skin types. The ingredients used in this serum are carefully selected to ensure maximum efficacy and results. Plus, The Ordinary is a brand that values transparency, providing you with detailed information about their formulations.

What It’s Used For

Now that you know why you should consider this product, let’s talk about how to use it.

Supercharge Your Moisturizer

To achieve the best results, apply The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum before your moisturizer. The serum creates a hydrating base that allows your moisturizer to work even better. Simply apply a few drops of the serum to your face and gently massage it into your skin. Follow it up with your favorite moisturizer for a double dose of hydration.

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Enhance Your Masking Routine

You can also incorporate this serum into your masking routine. Before applying a face mask, apply the serum to clean skin. This will help the mask penetrate deeper into your skin and boost its hydrating effects. Just imagine how plump and refreshed your skin will look after this duo!

Mix It With Your Foundation

For an extra hydration boost throughout the day, mix a drop or two of this serum with your liquid foundation. Not only will it make your foundation glide on smoothly, but it will also provide an extra dose of moisture to your skin. Say goodbye to dry and cakey foundation!

Post-Sun Hydration

After a day out in the sun, your skin may need some extra TLC. Apply this serum after cleansing to soothe and hydrate your skin. Its lightweight formula will absorb quickly, providing a refreshing and cooling sensation. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and ready to take on whatever comes its way.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml

Product Specifications

NameThe Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum
Size60 ml
Formulated withUltra-pure, vegan hyaluronic acid
Additional ingredientVitamin B5
Weight RangeLow, medium, and high molecular weight HA
Ideal usageBefore moisturizer
Skin type suitabilityAll skin types

Who Needs This

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, this serum is designed to provide the hydration your skin needs. If you struggle with dehydrated skin, fine lines, or dullness, this serum can be a game-changer for you.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml

Pros and Cons


  • Provides powerful hydration
  • Lightweight and non-greasy formula
  • Enhances surface moisture for a plumped appearance
  • Multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid for deep hydration
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Vegan and cruelty-free


  • Some users may find the bottle size to be too small for long-term use
  • Can be a bit sticky if too much product is applied
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  1. Is this serum suitable for sensitive skin? Yes, this serum is formulated with ultra-pure hyaluronic acid and is suitable for sensitive skin.

  2. Can I use this serum in the morning and at night? Absolutely! You can use it both in the morning and at night to give your skin a hydration boost.

  3. Is this serum fragrance-free? Yes, this serum is fragrance-free, making it suitable for those with fragrance sensitivities.

  4. How long does the bottle typically last? The 60 ml bottle can last anywhere from 2 to 3 months, depending on the amount used.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have tried The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum have been extremely satisfied with the results. Many have noticed a significant improvement in their skin’s hydration and texture. The lightweight formula and non-greasy texture are high on their praise list, making it a pleasure to incorporate into their skincare routine. Customers also appreciate the transparency of The Ordinary as a brand and the affordable price point of this serum.

Overall Value

When it comes to value, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum is hard to beat. Not only does it provide powerful hydration and improve surface moisture, but it also comes at an affordable price. The high-quality ingredients and the brand’s commitment to transparency make this serum a fantastic investment for your skincare routine.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

  • Start with a small amount of the serum and gradually increase if needed.
  • Gently pat the serum into your skin instead of rubbing to avoid any stickiness.
  • Use twice a day for optimal hydration benefits.
  • Follow up with a moisturizer to seal in the hydration.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary: The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum is a lightweight serum that provides powerful hydration with its ultra-pure, vegan hyaluronic acid. It enhances surface moisture, leaving your skin plumped and refreshed.

Final Recommendation: If you’re looking to boost your skin’s hydration and achieve a super-hydrated and plumped appearance, The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum is a must-have in your skincare routine. Its lightweight formula, multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, and affordable price make it an excellent value for anyone in need of intense hydration. Say hello to hydrated and radiant skin with this amazing serum.

Check out the The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Serum 60 ml here.

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